The Lunar Gambit goes live TOMORROW!


LOTS OF NEWS! My debut title The Lunar Gambit, which has been on preorder, goes live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited TOMORROW, 6/29!!! It’s just 99cents for the first week, then the price will go up to $2.99–so get it now!

I’ve also had my short prequel story “Totaled” included in an anthology, The Officer, organized and edited by Alasdair Shaw, and that title is live TODAY on multiple retailers (here’s a link to it on Amazon)! It’s also 99cents.


“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords Direct.

And, finally, you can still get my other prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” only if you subscribe to my mailing list. If you do, you’ll get the free story, plus a bimonthly message with news on new releases, upcoming deals, etc. No spam, no sharing of your information with any third parties.

Lots of stuff happening this week! Keep coming back to find more 🙂

NEW COVER REVEAL: The Lunar Gambit

Hi All!

I’m very happy to announce that my forthcoming debut title, The Lunar Gambit (Starship Fairfax: Book 1) is now on preorder on Amazon, and will go live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited on Thursday, June 29 (my birthday!). A couple of months ago I revealed a mock-up cover I’d been working on. It’s come a looooong way since then! Have a look:


The Kuiper Fleet has two duties: keep the peace; and protect the colonies.
The people of the Belt left Earth long ago to seek their own way of life, and have been fighting ever since to stay free of the Old Earth Empire. But Earth is still the most precious treasure in the Sol system. So when both sides agree to a peace summit on Pluto, the Fleet’s first objective has never been more important.

Lucas Odin looks like a qualified First Officer–on paper.
But his only battles to date have been simulations, each one a miserable failure. Truth be told, he would rather be hacking into the ship’s computer to mod the simulations into awesome games than be in a position of command. The Starship Fairfax is given the task of shuttling an important Earth ambassador to the summit, and Odin thinks he can relax under the temporary armistice. But when they run afoul of space pirates, the Fairfax takes brutal damage and the captain and ambassador go missing. Can Odin harness his true potential and use his unorthodox methods and creative thinking to keep his crew alive and rescue the captives before all hell breaks loose?

The Lunar Gambit is the first-in-series of Starship Fairfax, a military science fiction adventure set in the Kuiper Chronicles universe. You can learn more about the series and the author at:


What do you think? A significant improvement, right?? Enough that you might consider buying the book? 😉

The Lunar Gambit is on preorder for a reduced price of 99 cents, and will remain 99 cents for the first week of publication, after which the price will go up. Get it while it’s hot!

The Lunar Gambit & The Trials of Io


Exciting news! I’ve been plugging away at my debut indie novel, The Lunar Gambit (Book I of The Starship Fairfax), and I’m happy to announce my intended release date: 6/29/2017. I’ll be releasing The Lunar Gambit exclusively on Amazon, at least for the first 90 days, so it will also be available to read on Kindle Unlimited. And I’ll be releasing the prequel novelette, The Trials of Io, exclusively as a mailing-list magnet before then. Details on that to come!

Check back for updates. And get excited! Whoo hoooooo!!!