It’s been some time since I’ve made a new installment in my action/adventure sci-fi series, Starship Fairfax. There are reasons. Two kids, a doctorate degree, three jobs… you know. That sort of stuff. But never fear; I have not given up on writing fiction, even if in the interim I’ve released a book of poetry (ha!).

If you’re a fan or have been reading the Starship Fairfax series, I have NEWS. I’m working on a rewrite and complete relaunch/rebranding of the series, including a whole new name. Stay tuned, folks. Things are going to get pretty shooken! (Shooketh?)

This means that I will soon be pulling all previous titles in the series both out of Kindle Unlimited and off from Amazon entirely. So if you’re in the middle of reading them, especially with a subscription, make haste!

More on this to come. Ciao.

I swallowed the sun: Published!

i swallowed the sun 3d book

Exciting news: I’ve officially published my first collection of poems! I swallowed the sun is available here for purchase as a paperback, and here as an ebook. Here’s a sneak-peak at what’s inside. Thanks to everyone who has already picked up a copy. I hope you enjoy it!




“I swallowed the sun,” Benjamin’s first published collection, is an amalgamation of myths, meter, and Michigan forests. The poems reflect on childhood, Fatherhood, loss, love, politics, and every day life in mythic Middle America. Benjamin briefly studied creative writing at Central Michigan University, and has been published in Allegory Ridge. In another life he writes speculative fiction (mostly high-paced science fiction adventures) as Benjamin Douglas.

From “I swallowed the sun:”