Well, I did it. I got to the end of the recently released Netflix anthology, Love Death & Robots (or Love, Death & Robots, depending on where you read the title). Are you there yet?

I think the most interesting thing to me is the resurgence of the anthology format. It’s always been a tried-and-true form for hardcore sci-fi readers, but it’s come and gone in TV. Remember the old Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits? Yeah, those were the days. But the ultra-episodic device has long been superseded by more long-form storytelling (think anything from the episodic long-form of any Star Trek series to the more soap-opera-esque long narrative of the 2004- 2009 Battlestar Galactica). And now we’ve got Black Mirror, this Robots thing, and the upcoming reboot of the Twilight Zone… well, you see where this is going. I can’t help but wonder how far content providers are going to push it. What do you think? Is it going to be a trend in years to come?

Imagery and moods from the LD&R vignettes have stuck with me in the week or so since I finished the series. I can’t stop picturing the farmers in their mech suits, the artist in search of simple meaning, the vampiric demons hanging upside-down in the giant cave. What a wealth of scenes.

If you haven’t watched yet, be advised that much of the content and visual imagery is NSFW and for mature audiences only. Not all, but many episodes seem to be going for edgy as a value.

Which episode was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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