Today is the day; it’s finally here!

This is the last day you can buy or download any title from ye oldeĀ Starship Fairfax series. Why, you ask? Because tonight I’ll be taking all five books down from Amazon and putting the rewritten, relaunched Book 1 up for pre-order.


If you’ve already read and enjoyed the series, I can’t wait to share the revised editions with you. There are already some pretty substantial rewrites, and I’m not done yet! In addition to just *more*, you’re going to see *better* books now. I fancy I’ve gotten a little better at this writing lark in the two years since I first published.

That’s all for now; just wanted to give y’all this update, as a courtesy. Get ’em while you can if you’re midway through the series, because today is it for the old versions. Au revoir, Fairfax!