Starship Pegasus is Live!

Cover Mock Up

It’s big! It’s beautiful! It’s… ooo, it’s so shiny! STARSHIP PEGASUS is finally live on Amazon. This rewritten relaunch (of The Lunar Gambit) can be read in Kindle Unlimited or purchased for Kindle devices, and will be on sale for 99cents through next Wednesday. Shazaam!

Here’s a glimpse at the front matter and first chapter, which can also be read in Amazon’s “Look Inside” preview feature:

Starship Pegasus
Prophet Wars: Book 1

By Benjamin Douglas
Copyright 2019 Benjamin Douglas, all rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction. All persons contained herein are fictional persons and not meant to represent other persons, fictional or real, outside of Benjamin Douglas’ work.
Large portions of this novel were previously published under the title The Lunar Gambit. This is an extensively rewritten re-launch of said work.


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