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His ship is wrecked. His guns are empty. And he’s been thrust into command on his first tour. What could go wrong?

Lucas Odin seems like a qualified first officer–on paper. But his only battles so far have been simulations, each one a miserable failure. He just isn’t a “take charge” kind of guy. To be honest, he’d rather spend his first tour gaming on the ship’s modded sims than dealing with real people. But when the Starship Fairfax is waylaid by pirates, Lucas inherits a mission already doomed to fail. If he wants to keep the ship flying, keep his crew alive, and take back what was stolen, there’s only one way:

By taking charge.

They abducted her father, murdered her family, and chased her across the Kuiper Belt.

Ada Xander is away from the family mine on Cyron-2 for the first time, and running for her life. To evade her hunters and find the answers she seeks, she needs to do more than just survive. Space pirates, the inner-system mafia, and the looming Old Earth Empire are just a few of the formidable obstacles in her path, and she’ll do anything to clear it. So when her path and that of the Fairfax collide, all hell breaks loose. Will Ada find what she seeks before becoming the enemy herself?

The Lunar Gambit is the first-in-series of Starship Fairfax, a military science fiction adventure set in the Kuiper Chronicles universe. You can learn more about the series and the author at:


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Starship Fairfax News

Hi Everyone! I’m happy to see I’ve picked up some new followers since the last (now long ago) post. Welcome! I was posting pretty regularly for a while, but have slacked off these past few months as I’ve been trying to wrap up my dissertation, and I’ve been cranking out books in my ongoing action/adventure military scifi series, Starship Fairfax.

Which brings me to exciting news: Book 2, The Hidden Prophet, is not out! You can find the ebook exclusively on Amazon, and you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

I have some fun plans for the series, which include going back and adding a second storyline to Book 1 (The Lunar Gambit), crafting a prequel serial called Fleet Wars, and writing at least another three books in the series. So stay tuned for more scifi goodness if you’re enjoying it!

If you haven’t read my fiction, I would say you might enjoy the series if you’re a fan of Firefly, the original Star Trek series, and other action-oriented futuristic/space scifi with a little campiness thrown in. You can check things out with my free prequel short story, “Totaled,” available here on Amazon, here on Barnes and Noble, and also here on Wattpad. And if you’re really interested, consider joining my author mailing list. You’ll get 1-2 emails a month with updates and info from me, and you’ll get a mailing-list-exclusive prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” that sheds a little light on Darren’s mysterious past.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back periodically to let you know what’s going on with the series, maybe share some snippets, and share more poetry and podcasts 🙂



The Lunar Gambit goes live TOMORROW!


LOTS OF NEWS! My debut title The Lunar Gambit, which has been on preorder, goes live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited TOMORROW, 6/29!!! It’s just 99cents for the first week, then the price will go up to $2.99–so get it now!

I’ve also had my short prequel story “Totaled” included in an anthology, The Officer, organized and edited by Alasdair Shaw, and that title is live TODAY on multiple retailers (here’s a link to it on Amazon)! It’s also 99cents.


“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords Direct.

And, finally, you can still get my other prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” only if you subscribe to my mailing list. If you do, you’ll get the free story, plus a bimonthly message with news on new releases, upcoming deals, etc. No spam, no sharing of your information with any third parties.

Lots of stuff happening this week! Keep coming back to find more 🙂

NEW COVER REVEAL: The Lunar Gambit

Hi All!

I’m very happy to announce that my forthcoming debut title, The Lunar Gambit (Starship Fairfax: Book 1) is now on preorder on Amazon, and will go live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited on Thursday, June 29 (my birthday!). A couple of months ago I revealed a mock-up cover I’d been working on. It’s come a looooong way since then! Have a look:


The Kuiper Fleet has two duties: keep the peace; and protect the colonies.
The people of the Belt left Earth long ago to seek their own way of life, and have been fighting ever since to stay free of the Old Earth Empire. But Earth is still the most precious treasure in the Sol system. So when both sides agree to a peace summit on Pluto, the Fleet’s first objective has never been more important.

Lucas Odin looks like a qualified First Officer–on paper.
But his only battles to date have been simulations, each one a miserable failure. Truth be told, he would rather be hacking into the ship’s computer to mod the simulations into awesome games than be in a position of command. The Starship Fairfax is given the task of shuttling an important Earth ambassador to the summit, and Odin thinks he can relax under the temporary armistice. But when they run afoul of space pirates, the Fairfax takes brutal damage and the captain and ambassador go missing. Can Odin harness his true potential and use his unorthodox methods and creative thinking to keep his crew alive and rescue the captives before all hell breaks loose?

The Lunar Gambit is the first-in-series of Starship Fairfax, a military science fiction adventure set in the Kuiper Chronicles universe. You can learn more about the series and the author at:


What do you think? A significant improvement, right?? Enough that you might consider buying the book? 😉

The Lunar Gambit is on preorder for a reduced price of 99 cents, and will remain 99 cents for the first week of publication, after which the price will go up. Get it while it’s hot!


This cannot save me from my lungs of fire,
Burning houses cradled in a fence of
None. This cannot save me from tires piled to
Heaven, from systemic hate, indifference,

Rattles on the tail poised to strike. Not from
Self-congratulation, nor self-censure.
This cannot save me from a shelf, from a
Quiet little corner where I can dream

Out the rest of my breath. It cannot stem
The cravings of a body or mind, or
Treat us any kinder than the prospect
Of death, that silent magistrate and law.

But it can live beyond that final test.
It can go on and sow its seed in the
Fertile belly of the Earth, feed the dreams
That churn within her breast, till she gives birth.


Sing for me. Sing for love and hope and years
Transfigured in the Eucharist of time.
Sing for all that is beauty, all that is
Lovely and precious and sublime. Open

Your mouth and sing for the pure carnal joy
Of making sound. Sing Blessed Assurance.
Sing that you once were lost but now are found,
And prove it in the singing. Sing for me

In spite of the daily barrage of your
Happiness, in spite of the well-rehearsed
Architecture of your smile. Sing even
If it feels ridiculous, in spite of

The raging cliché. I don’t care. Do it.
Throw it away. And maybe if you sing
Loudly enough you won’t be able to
Hear all the reasons not to, anyway.


I hope this poem finds you
Before you surrender to the
Everyday, before you learn
To tie a tie and stand up
Straight. I hope it finds you
Young at any age, dreaming
Whether sleeping or awake,
Full of hope no matter who
Or what and when has happened.
I hope it finds you while you
Are still becoming you. I hope
It finds you when you are old
Enough to have learned to
Love and to believe, Young
Enough to not have forgotten
Either. Most of all I hope
It finds you; I hope it finds
The truth inside of you and
Sings it into fire, spells it into
Web that shoots from star to
Star and spins for love and
Beauty on the axis of an
Atom. I hope it finds you
There, and that you look
Into it as a mirror, and you
Love what you find.

TBS Podcast Update: Shows, Kang, Poole, Douglas

Avast, ye lubbers! Gather ’round and hearken whilst I tell ye the tale, the tale of a podcast which doth hath therefore and suchforth, likewise… ernstwhile…

Yeah. Great news! The Book Speaks Podcast has been rolling right along! Since my last update, there have been four fabulous episodes, rounding things out at 10. Check these out, for reals though:

Episode 7: Izzy Shows

Episode 8: Alexa Kang

Episode 9: Jeffrey Poole

Episode 10: Benjamin Douglas (hey, that’s me!)

Yeah, it’s true. I read from my own stuff. But hey, it was the 10th episode! A celebration!

Check out for more episodes, where you can also subscribe via iTunes or other podcatchers. Next week: the man Chris Fox himself! Check it out!