A Free Book, A Discount, A New Release

Howdy, all!

Lots going on this week for me. If you haven’t seen this already, you can get a copy on Amazon of The Lunar Gambit: Starship Fairfax Book 1 for FREE today and tomorrow yet! And The Hidden Prophet: Starship Fairfax Book 2 is marked down on a Kindle Countdown Deal to 99cents for another day yet after that.

BLOG cover3This is all to celebrate the recent release of The Neptune Contingency: Starship Fairfax Book 3, available for purchase on Amazon, and available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone that if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter just yet, consider the perks: a day before I hit “publish” on Book 3, I sent it to everyone on my mailing list. For free. No strings attached. Just as a little thank you for being there and supporting me. Stuff like that happens! And when you subscribe, you automatically get access to a newsletter-exclusive prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” in which you get a glimpse into Darren’s distant past. Ooo, mysterious, I know!

That’s all the book news. In my other life as a college voice teacher, things are heating up moving into November. Students are getting sick and buried under piles of homework left and right, and let me tell ya, trying to keep the studio together always begins to feel a bit like herding cats around this time of year. But the autumn wind shaking the leaves loose and sending them scurrying across the lawn out my front window makes it all a little more bearable.

BLOG cover TTOIIf all goes well, I’ll have the next installment of Starship Fairfax out before too long, and check this out: I have a couple of super-secret collaborative writings projects in the works, too! More on that to come. That’s all for now! Stay warm and healthy, everyone. Add a little spice to your cider tonight.