TBS Podcast Update: Shows, Kang, Poole, Douglas

Avast, ye lubbers! Gather ’round and hearken whilst I tell ye the tale, the tale of a podcast which doth hath therefore and suchforth, likewise… ernstwhile…

Yeah. Great news! The Book Speaks Podcast has been rolling right along! Since my last update, there have been four fabulous episodes, rounding things out at 10. Check these out, for reals though:

Episode 7: Izzy Shows

Episode 8: Alexa Kang

Episode 9: Jeffrey Poole

Episode 10: Benjamin Douglas (hey, that’s me!)

Yeah, it’s true. I read from my own stuff. But hey, it was the 10th episode! A celebration!

Check out http://thebookspeakspodcast.wordpress.com for more episodes, where you can also subscribe via iTunes or other podcatchers. Next week: the man Chris Fox himself! Check it out!


TBS Podcast Update: Pickering & Lallo

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks since I cross-pollinated here and told you all what’s been going on over at The Book Speaks Podcast. Things are going well! Last week saw our sixth episode, and I have the schedule booked until mid-June.

Every Friday I post a new episode in which I read a chapter from the book of a different indie author. It’s loads of fun! Come check it out to discover new authors, to hear what the writing of successful indies is like, or just to get lost in a story for twenty or thirty minutes.

Hop over to that site for follow buttons. We’re on iTunes as well now, and any ratings or reviews are much appreciated! Below you’ll find YouTubes of episodes 05 (Evan Pickering, Hood) and 06 (Joseph R. Lallo, Free-Wrench). In the coming weeks I’ll be reading from authors Izzy Shows, Alexa Kang, Jeffrey Poole, Chris Fox, Elle Casey, Elizabeth Ann West, Stella Wilkinson, and Aderyn Wood. Oh, and also MYSELF, muahahaha! Shameless self-promotion 😉



TBS Podcast Ep. 4: Mark E. Cooper

The Book Speaks Podcast episode 4 went live yesterday, and I am over the moon! This was my second week doing the show (I launched with 3 episodes last Friday to get things started with a bang)–and so far, so good. You can visit the official episode page here:

TBSP: Episode 4, Mark E. Cooper

You can also listen on YouTube here:

And here’s a link to my feedburner landing page so that you can follow with a podcatcher, should you fancy:

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