TBS Podcast Update: Shows, Kang, Poole, Douglas

Avast, ye lubbers! Gather ’round and hearken whilst I tell ye the tale, the tale of a podcast which doth hath therefore and suchforth, likewise… ernstwhile…

Yeah. Great news! The Book Speaks Podcast has been rolling right along! Since my last update, there have been four fabulous episodes, rounding things out at 10. Check these out, for reals though:

Episode 7: Izzy Shows

Episode 8: Alexa Kang

Episode 9: Jeffrey Poole

Episode 10: Benjamin Douglas (hey, that’s me!)

Yeah, it’s true. I read from my own stuff. But hey, it was the 10th episode! A celebration!

Check out http://thebookspeakspodcast.wordpress.com for more episodes, where you can also subscribe via iTunes or other podcatchers. Next week: the man Chris Fox himself! Check it out!


TBS Podcast Update: Pickering & Lallo

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks since I cross-pollinated here and told you all what’s been going on over at The Book Speaks Podcast. Things are going well! Last week saw our sixth episode, and I have the schedule booked until mid-June.

Every Friday I post a new episode in which I read a chapter from the book of a different indie author. It’s loads of fun! Come check it out to discover new authors, to hear what the writing of successful indies is like, or just to get lost in a story for twenty or thirty minutes.

Hop over to that site for follow buttons. We’re on iTunes as well now, and any ratings or reviews are much appreciated! Below you’ll find YouTubes of episodes 05 (Evan Pickering, Hood) and 06 (Joseph R. Lallo, Free-Wrench). In the coming weeks I’ll be reading from authors Izzy Shows, Alexa Kang, Jeffrey Poole, Chris Fox, Elle Casey, Elizabeth Ann West, Stella Wilkinson, and Aderyn Wood. Oh, and also MYSELF, muahahaha! Shameless self-promotion 😉



TBS Podcast Ep. 4: Mark E. Cooper

The Book Speaks Podcast episode 4 went live yesterday, and I am over the moon! This was my second week doing the show (I launched with 3 episodes last Friday to get things started with a bang)–and so far, so good. You can visit the official episode page here:

TBSP: Episode 4, Mark E. Cooper

You can also listen on YouTube here:

And here’s a link to my feedburner landing page so that you can follow with a podcatcher, should you fancy:

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Failing in Public, Forgiveness, & Perseverance

This post also appeared on KBoards.

In one of my myriad lives I’m a classical singer and voice teacher. That tradition of singing isn’t something someone taps into overnight; you learn by listening to the greats, studying diligently, putting in hours of practice. And by failing. Yep. Over and over again. In a performance art, the only way to perfect performance is by performing, ready or not, and that means you have to work through a lot of imperfect performances to get to where you want to go.

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Podcast to Follow: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast

Let’s begin today’s self-publishing author podcast with two caveats and a thought: firstly, yes, one big draw to the SFF Marketing Podcast is regular information and inspiration from Lindsay Buroker, one of those indie authors I love to read (remember this review?) and whose career continues to inspire other indies; second, no, you absolutely do not need to be a science fiction or fantasy author to find this show useful or entertaining; and for a thought, yes, you do need to grow your understanding of marketing if you are an aspiring author, and especially if you are an indie.

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Podcast to Follow: The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn Podcast

If you’re anything like me, you’re a creative person who often finds yourself grasping for that perfect combination of free time and inspiration to create. Anymore it seems that most of the time I don’t have the time I want, and whenever I DO have a little time to myself, all I want to do is crash to let my batteries recharge. I know, I know. #firstworldproblems. It’s such a hard life, having the burden of gainful employment and people who care about me to invest my time in. Whine, whine, whine.

But cantankerous jests aside, the reality is there. So you want to be revved up and ready to create whenever the opportunity strikes, or whenever you are able to make an opportunity for yourself. You need inspiration. Lately for me that’s come in the form of a few really interesting podcasts on writing, self-publishing, and marketing. So I’ve decided to be a generous soul and share these invaluable wellsprings with you, in case you haven’t already found them yourself.

Today’s big share is a personal favorite, the first of its kind that I came across: Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast.

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Gather ’round, ye aspiring author lads and lasses. Let’s. Talk. About. KBoards.

If you’re new to the self-publishing revolution (or the entire Independent Creative Revolution, as Joanna Penn describes it), here’s the skinny in a few words. Once upon a time, consumers got XYZ stuff (what have you) from major distributors, be they shopping malls, superstores, mail catalogues, or whatever. And those distributors got their stuff not from creatives, but from another round of distributors; mass-producers (think factories, sweatshops, sure, but also record labels, big movie studios, and traditional publishing houses). Then one day a little greek girl named Pandora opened a box called ‘the Interwebz,’ and the world spent the next twenty years turning itself inside-out.

Don’t get me wrong; the old way of acquiring goods is still there, sure. But, you know. Amazon. So there.

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