Final Cover: The Lunar Gambit

For anyone following the saga of my cover design journey, I’m very happy to share I’ve made still another round of modifications on the cover of The Lunar Gambit: Starship Fairfax Book 1, ending up with this:

The Lunar Gambit relaunch

Not too shabby, eh? So what’s changed since the last iteration about a month ago? Mostly just that the Earth in the background is a little lighter, coupled with a deeper contrast on the ships themselves. I was so stoked about the higher render and the new explosions and lasers with the last version, I think I overlooked a significant flaw in the lack of contrast between the ships and the Earth. That is definitely better now. The only problem is now I think I’ve lost some of that delicious contrast between the Earth and the title typography. Ach, can’t have it all! Anyway it’s not too bad, when you remember what I started out with:

01 The Lunar Gambit


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