Starship Fairfax News

Hi Everyone! I’m happy to see I’ve picked up some new followers since the last (now long ago) post. Welcome! I was posting pretty regularly for a while, but have slacked off these past few months as I’ve been trying to wrap up my dissertation, and I’ve been cranking out books in my ongoing action/adventure military scifi series, Starship Fairfax.

Which brings me to exciting news: Book 2, The Hidden Prophet, is not out! You can find the ebook exclusively on Amazon, and you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

I have some fun plans for the series, which include going back and adding a second storyline to Book 1 (The Lunar Gambit), crafting a prequel serial called Fleet Wars, and writing at least another three books in the series. So stay tuned for more scifi goodness if you’re enjoying it!

If you haven’t read my fiction, I would say you might enjoy the series if you’re a fan of Firefly, the original Star Trek series, and other action-oriented futuristic/space scifi with a little campiness thrown in. You can check things out with my free prequel short story, “Totaled,” available here on Amazon, here on Barnes and Noble, and also here on Wattpad. And if you’re really interested, consider joining my author mailing list. You’ll get 1-2 emails a month with updates and info from me, and you’ll get a mailing-list-exclusive prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” that sheds a little light on Darren’s mysterious past.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back periodically to let you know what’s going on with the series, maybe share some snippets, and share more poetry and podcasts 🙂




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