The Lunar Gambit goes live TOMORROW!


LOTS OF NEWS! My debut title The Lunar Gambit, which has been on preorder, goes live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited TOMORROW, 6/29!!! It’s just 99cents for the first week, then the price will go up to $2.99–so get it now!

I’ve also had my short prequel story “Totaled” included in an anthology, The Officer, organized and edited by Alasdair Shaw, and that title is live TODAY on multiple retailers (here’s a link to it on Amazon)! It’s also 99cents.


“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle“Totaled” is also FREE as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords Direct.

And, finally, you can still get my other prequel short story, “The Trials of Io,” only if you subscribe to my mailing list. If you do, you’ll get the free story, plus a bimonthly message with news on new releases, upcoming deals, etc. No spam, no sharing of your information with any third parties.

Lots of stuff happening this week! Keep coming back to find more 🙂


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