Let Some White Dress Take Them

Let some white dress take them, lazy
Winter. Let some forgotten name
Evade their lips. The same for their
Birth, their death. Erase Amneris
And shatter the golden cup, fill
Up eternal wombs with thunder
Seed, cover the sacred head with
Helm and bruise the heel of Eden.

I’m trying to remember lost
Names, to see more than mirrors in
Faces. I’m trying to build a
Ladder in case we build a wall.
I’m trying to take your broken
Art and make it into heart, make
It into sacred death, make it
Into seed to bruise the thunder.

Janus falls to puddles and we
Stare in wonder, cursed and blessed by
Turn and cursing and blessing in
Kind. The shards are fused together
And find burning names to evade.
Let some broken wall cover your
Lost winter-heart, let Eden fill
Birth with faces, eternal art.

Let the golden cup burn in the
Lips of wonder, in the cover
Of some lazy puddle. Turn and
Remember, turn and build, evade
The thunder, erase death, bruise the
Eternal wall, stare in turn at
Your broken mirror-names, your cursed
Blessing-seed, and make it yours.


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