Waves on a Little Sea

Baby has
Secrets he won’t
Share. It seems unkind
At first—withholding all
The wisdom and mystery
He brings. Doesn’t he know I want
To hear of things we cannot
Fathom, things I never
Could imagine from
My little blind
Life on this
Will never share
The meaning of the
Universe with me. I
Guess he may forget it by
The time he learns to speak, after
All. It seems unkind. Instead
Of secrets, he shares smiles;
Instead of wisdom,
Coos and babbling.
Maybe we
Learn the
Sight beyond
Sight and the sound
Beyond sound that are
Seen and heard before our
Language is found. Instead his
Little heart sings like a distant
Star. Instead his little chest
Rises and falls like waves
On a little sea,
Pouring into
The secret
Part of


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