Rotting for You

I’ve been rotting for you. I’ve seen
Shadows dance beyond my hallowed
Lids, heard the paper of the world
Begin to open.

In December I forget how
Visions heal a man, then remember.
On the third day of silence my true
Love gave to me a basket woven

From hollow thoughts, and I thought
About sending it back. I’m rotting and
Plotting and plodding, writing poems
To project poise and

Profundity. Perilous.
Maybe hilarious. I’m trotting out fits
Of noise and lighting candles with
The tone of my voice. My hands

Conspire to give salute to the giver
Of fire, and I nod, and they do. In
December you weave shadows of
Poise. You write

Silence. You give true
Light, sending visions, healing my
Paper hands. I remember the third
Love, and, plodding, begin back.


The above poem also inspired the following Le Prof track on my album ‘Aleatoria:’


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