The Earth Cries Out For Blood

The earth cries out for blood and she will have
It. Blood for blood, for every mother’s face
Of gravel, every father’s grave of oil seen
Seeping back into the thirsty crust, and

Baptizing them in the name of the holy house
Of whoring presidents and slave-soaked,
Rusted railroads to Cerberus. In sub-prime
Promises we trust. In the time of plenty, I

Saw my neighbor’s wife and coveted her
Flesh, slew the man and saw my face grace
The stone of his holy mountain. In place of a
King I wholeheartedly serve the dream that

One day my children will live in a nation where
They will sit on the high place and judge and
Drink the earth and suck the sky down. And
Now we kneel in a semblance of worship.

Now our tired minds reach for the soil, for
Remembrance of fire and drowning. Now we
Trudge the trail to halls of our own conquest,
Our own luck, our own blood. She will drink.


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