Undeterred by Initial Court Ruling, President Trump Signs New Executive Order Opposing the 19th Amendment


WASHINGTON–The 19th Amendment, which was ratified in 1920 and which gave women the vote in America, may be in the cross-hairs of the White House’s law-and-order approach. After his initial executive order banning women from voting, effectively nullifying the amendment, President Trump faced a backlash from the judicial system, which promptly declared the ban unconstitutional. But President Trump has retaliated with a new order, as he said he would, in an attempt to get around the judiciary ruling.

Experts say the new executive order has been carefully crafted (unlike the first) to avoid any misinterpretation or resulting injustice. “What we want, it’s very simple,” President Trump said in a statement. “Secure borders.” When questioned why he wanted to secure America’s borders against women’s suffrage, President Trump only shrugged and smirked. When asked if this move could be interpreted as retaliatory against former opponent Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote for President, Trump pursed his lips, muttered something about a nasty woman, and proceeded to discuss his “Massive, truly” win in the electoral college.

Asked about the legitimacy of the 19th amendment, the President responded with his rallying cry of “repeal and replace!”


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