Breaking News: Trump Plans Extended Stay at the Kremlin

the_kremlin_moscowMOSCOW–Sources within the Trump administration have leaked that President Trump is planning an extended stay at the Kremlin in Moscow. The President’s White House staff, chief strategists, and a select number of cabinet positions are expected to travel with him to be guests of Vladimir Putin for up to the next four years.

President Trump has been under fire from critics about both his numerous trips already to his Mara Lago resort and First Lady Milania Trump’s ongoing residence at Trump Tower in New York City since Trump took office. Complaints that the President is avoiding the White House are nothing new. George W. Bush was often criticized for his multiple trips to his family ranch in Texas, and Barack Obama likewise for his many golf vacations. But Trump’s proposed stay in Moscow is of an unprecedented length. What remains to be seen is how well Washington can be governed from the Kremlin.

“Believe me,” President Trump told reporters, “it’s a lot easier than you would think.”

Independent confirmation of the leak is forthcoming.


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