The Book Speaks Podcast: We’re live!

I’m very happy to announce that today I have launched my first-ever podcast! The Books Speaks, where the book speaks for itself, launched about a half an hour ago with a whopping first three episodes already online 😉 You can find it and learn more here:

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Thanks for checking it out!




Once the air was heavy with a
Rolling, roiling play. Once the
Earth was young and gave away her
Gifts without remorse. And I can

Still recall the sureness of my
Body. I can hold it all. From
Dust to dust to dust we rust and
Spend our trust. I sold it all to

Buy a sparkling pendant of the
Young, of heavy earth, of all the
Rolling trust it holds. And still we
Give away her dust.

Failing in Public, Forgiveness, & Perseverance

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In one of my myriad lives I’m a classical singer and voice teacher. That tradition of singing isn’t something someone taps into overnight; you learn by listening to the greats, studying diligently, putting in hours of practice. And by failing. Yep. Over and over again. In a performance art, the only way to perfect performance is by performing, ready or not, and that means you have to work through a lot of imperfect performances to get to where you want to go.

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Another World

We took you from creation’s pillars,
Plucked from the fiery band of light
And given a door to another world.

Your friends all waved goodbye and held
Hands, watching you go, wondering.
We took you. From creation’s pillars

You were bound with love and nuclear
Fission, sent on a mission of mystery,
Plucked from the fiery band of light,

And you were brought to the first steps,
And kept faith, and you were set free,
And given a door to another world.

Embrace the Old

Embrace the old. Fire puts down
What plans forget. Hands look for
Spells to bind memory, quiet
Her spirit. Nevermind. Repent

Of want and sorrow. Put down
Hammer and nail and let your
Past reflect. Let your fire-spirit
Never embrace plans, let your

Hands’ sorrow forget quiet
Hammer-spells. The old mind
Looks and destroys. Bind the
Never, put down want. Embrace.

I Slept In a Van

Three gifts I gathered to sell the great
Name. I stripped my feet and walked like
Peter. I gathered mud and brought it to
My face. I found it holy and exfoliating.

I slept in a van. Have you ever slept in
A van? The witching hour never unrolled
Herself so weightily, so unladylike. So
Pregnant with the yawning vacuum of

Skin. After washing myself of sin I
Walked and walked. It rained. I ruined
A good pair of shoes. I gathered stones.
I sold a dream and traded for a name.