Max Lets Me Live Here, But It’s Really His House


Title says it all. Internet, say hello to Max, the glorious being of light who rules the domain I tend to think of as my house.

Max adopted us a few years ago, the summer before we left Ohio. He discovered us on the University campus, and decided he had had enough of his life of crime on the streets. It’s not easy being a kingpin. Especially after the fallout from the Bowling Green massacre (which, a lot of people are saying, may have been more the fault of domestic cats than immigrant cats than was originally reported), Max knew he needed a place to lay low and keep quiet for a while. You know. Until everything blew over.

So here he is in a handful of ravishing images from his latest photoshoot for Cat Fancier. He’s a great friend of theirs. They call him up all the time.


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