Walk Around

I actually did wake up this one time in college from a dream that a dear friend had died and come back to life. It was a trippy dream. I mean, I was there in the hospital room when it happened. Whoa.

Anyway, this is a song I’ve recorded a couple of times, but I’ve been feeling this most recent iteration lately in all its beach-bum glory:

“Walk Around,” Le Professeur
In Like a Lion, December 2016

Last night I dreamed that you died
With your family and friends at your side.
When you came back to life
I wasn’t surprised.

Sometimes when I wake, it seems
That I’d rather be back in those dreams,
So I try to relax and release
Back to that peace,

Back to those faces of Januaries past,
Back to the music that spoke to me last.
When did the days start to fly so fast?
When did the road bend?

Three stones I gathered so that I would not forget
Two days away from everyone I’d ever met.
One walk around, and have I miles to go yet
Before I see the end?


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